Press Office. PR

We offer our expertise and experience in a complete package of services, tailored upon the specific needs and requirements of clients. Our goal is the ultimate satisfaction of people requesting our assistance.

Of course, each service is provided in strict cooperation with clients and with a full coordination and management from the project phase to the final press action. In order to offer the most suitable high level of service, we avail ourselves of dedicated software and tools to better engage the audience and to better promote all the information to disseminate.

In this sector of operation, we are available to:

  • Create Communication Plans: we organize and prepare the press-kit to be distributed (in the most convenient format for our clients: newsletters, paper folders, information material, design and media content);
  • Prepare the content of press releases and press material, press releases and distribution list;
  • Distribution of press material to media, journals and experts in the sector;
  • Prepare a distribution list both online (through newsletter) and in paper;
  • Realize a personalized and capillary press review, through the analysis of national and international newspaper (online and on paper), websites, social networks, local, national and international press agencies, specialized magazines and press offices of relevant involved companies, institutions, agencies, TV Networks, Radio circuits.

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