Secretariat of Conferences and Events

Our role in acting as a Secretariat of Conferences and Events is an exclusive service responsible for the coordination and management of all the activities related to the event: from the date of the appointment for our service, until the closure of the event. Our work is based on a tight schedule, prepared with our clients through a PERT Chart. Then, we proceed through the following step-by-step approach:

  • Preparation of a detailed mailing lists in coordination with the organizers;
  • Management of the routine and daily correspondence;
  • Selection of the accommodation facilities;
  • Selection of the location;
  • Management of the schedule and travel of participants;
  • Preparation of the conference programme in cooperation with the Conference Committee;
  • Coordination of the Opening and Closing ceremony of the event;
  • Planning and co-ordination of the social and cultural events organized for accompanying persons;
  • Co-ordination with support agencies to ensure completion of the job within time schedule;
  • Assistance in preparing the event budget;
  • Integrative conference tools designed to maximize conference and administrative efficiency;
  • Promotional and marketing communications

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