Thanks to the network of professional consultants, which form a core part of our team and expertise, we can also provide consultancy services in the field of evaluation and assessment of the insurance standards in the following sectors:

  • Liability for damage in case of car accidents and relevant research, expert reports or technical or scientific consultancy, together with an estimate of damage;
  • Estimate of damages for industrial machineries, industrial vehicles and technical components of complex mechanical systems;
  • Quotation and estimate of vintage cars and motorbikes (including estimate of eventual damages);
  • Evaluation of lack of conformity for mechanical systems, materials, equipment, vehicles, environmental assessments;
  • Assessment of conditions of use and maintenance of all the above-mentioned subject of investigations;
  • Redaction of technical manuals, scientific and technical assistance in the preparation of dissemination material and promotional material, supported by literature data and photography support.
  • Consultancy in the crash kinematics and dynamics reconstruction in road accidents (with more than 20 years of the experience in the field), including graphical reconstruction realized with specialized software for crash simulation. The studies are carried out in order to properly identify relevant responsibilities in legal disputes and include the redaction of reports to summarize the dynamics of the accidents, to be used both in criminal, civil and administrative procedures, dedicated to Tribunal Courts and Insurance Companies.

Private and individuals represent the main key players and clients in this sector, together with Legal Offices, Judicial Authorities, Insurance Companies and Public bodies.

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