The Angels of Davide Cerati

The words of Davide Cerati about his research project on Angels


“I do not know precisely how the project was born: at some point, I had the idea to take pictures of angels. The beginning of the project can be approximately dated in 2003, in the occasion of Christmas. I realized a holiday card with a portrait of an angel to be sent to all my friends and relatives. That was my first angel. Then I continued, every now and then, to take pictures of angels with no restraints, in complete freedom: no time restrictions, no restrictions on subjects or others: the project is still ongoing, always on development. I take the chance to take shots when I have the opportunity, when I have the inspiration, the willingness to do something for the implementation of the project. Eventually, taking advantage of one moment in which I am on stage for a work and I have the time to catch the moment to take a shot of a model that is there for a completely different purpose. I want to keep on with this job in complete freedom, until the moment I will feel the right inspiration, according to what I will have to do in the future with my job, find time by time a compromise between work and research.”

Davide Cerati, Photographer

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