Laura Frasca photography. The Borneo lands: a journey through a neglected forest.

Laura describes herself and her work with her own words.

“I am a Photographer, even though I like better to define myself a “Storyteller”: my stories are my photography projects, my keyboard is my camera, my pencils are my lenses.

I am a wanderlust-addicted traveller: I take every single opportunity to start a journey in all the corners of the globe, especially the most undiscovered, undeveloped and even forgotten sites.

My stories talk about figures, facts and places in which the key factor that underpins my efforts is represented by a social, cultural and ethical “fil rouge” (alternative: leitmotiv).

Being a woman, the most powerful driving force in my work is a strong empathy with the female word: I feel a commitment to narrate stories in which female gender plays a crucial role. Nevertheless, I always felt myself to be on the side of forgotten and unprotected minorities.

My ambition is to talk about what others do not mention; about people suffering is silence, about countries in which human rights are neglected, while the rest of the planet is keeping on its run to the future.

Moreover, Nature is my panacea: it is able to relieve my troubles and to mitigate my mood. It is a rescue for my body and soul, creating a cathartic effect that brings me back to my roots, my past, my origins. I enjoy the possibility to discover remote places and landscapes, reaching a Zen state of mind that allows me to reconnect with my inner toughs and gain a reconciliation with the rest of the world, with harmony and peace.

Through these pages, I wish to share the emotions I felt when I realized my shots and I hope to deliver this emotion to all the people browsing my work.

I also would like to thank you in advance for your appreciation: if you are reading these words, probably I reached my ultimate objective that is, in few words, to stimulate your curiosity and touch your sensitivity.”

Laura Frasca


Full interview is available in the first issue of InnoVibe Magazine.