Me and Rugby

Me and Rugby.

I really do love rugby, I am rugby addicted, rugby dependant.

Rugby is not only a mere sport. It is a way of life, a state of mind, a lifestyle.

I grew up on a rugby pitch and I still can remember the atmosphere of happiness and joy during the so called Third Half, the moment in which all the members of the two teams enjoy food and beer all together.

Needless to say that, as a child, I emphasised my records, nevertheless I still feel thrilled during a match and during the various third half in which I take part.

Recently, InnoVibe Magazine had the opportunity to attend two very important matches, namely: Italy vs Scotland and Italy vs New Zealand.

In that occasion, we could meet the players at the end of the match to interview them in order to collect their ideas, opinions and considerations on the game.

The Six Nations tournament is the most ancient tournament in the world. Italy had the chance to get in the tournament in 2000, playing against Scotland. Of course, all the five teams participating in the tournament have a long and famous tradition and Italy is the youngest team, with less experience but a great motivation and willing to be at the same level of the other teams.

Moreover, Italy had famous players in that time. We can remember Diego Dominguez, a Fly half and the fifth best international scorer in the history of rugby. Together with him, other players which made the history of the Italian Rugby.Of course, being the latest team to join the tournament, Italy is far from the tradition and fame of the other squads such as England, Scotland, France, Wales and Ireland, but still willing to demonstrate a determination and eagerness in all the matches against the teams all over the world.Definitely, the Six Nations tournament is a mandatory appointment every year. In Rome, where the matches of Italy take place, there is an atmosphere of hospitality, happiness, brigadier and brotherhood.You can see people with the costumes of their traditions walking through the street of the city, wearing wigs, hats and skirts as well as kilt when the Scotland is hosted for the match.Everybody should feel such a unique experience once in a life.People are celebrating all together, despite the different colours of their sweaters. It is a memorable event every single time. Beside Italy is the less experienced team, the Stadium is always full of supporters and happy people supporting our national squad. Rugby players, children, mothers and wives, referees, and people of all kinds are there to bring their sustain.This is the reason why I do love rugby: it does not matter whether you win or lose. You just participate and bring your enthusiasm.Rugby is respect for the adversary, support to the team, brotherhood, loyalty: all values that make this sport to be unique and special. Rivalry is strictly related to the time of the match. Once the match is over, all the players become friends and fellows and are ready to share their emotions with their supporters, with a pint of beer in their hands.You can meet your favourite player after the match as there are no boundaries between players and supporters, like in other sports. Rugby brings all together and this is the reason why I really love it.You can see some pictures taken during the match Italy vs Scotland and some videos from YouTube.Of course, I warmly invite you to take part in one match to be a new supporter. You will be able to witness all the words I mentioned and all the emotions I felt. I am sure that once you see one match, you will become a loyal supporter to join our bunch of crazy people.

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