Idan Raichel

I don’t really know how I met the music of Idan Raichel.
It was a chance, casually, looking at the Facebook pages of friends: I immediately fell in love with his music.
Idan Raichel is a global music Icon and, even if he likes to say that his music is a world music, his work is emblematic of Israel. I dare to say that his music is the real heart of Israel.

A journey to Japan

Japan is not only science, development and high technology (as, in fact actually it is). It is a land where tradition meets the future. Japan is an astonishing nation, with outstanding traditions, history, spirituality, rituals and nature. And the People are simply fantastic. Take a journey with us to discover the beauty of such awesome lands and their hidden secrets.

And, remember:

“Japanese society runs like clockwork because everyone (well, almost everyone) follows the rules. That includes you, gaijin aka foreigner”.

Suzanne Bhagan



The experience of Luca Escoffier, Project Manager of the EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk.

Luca Escoffier is an internationally renowned open innovation, and tech transfer expert thanks to his work across three continents. After graduating in law in Italy, and specializing in Intellectual Property between Italy and Switzerland, he then worked for the Centre of Molecular Biomedicine in Trieste for several years. He then moved to Seattle to join the University of Washington, and later he has been involved in various entrepreneurial experiences including the creation of several hi-tech startups in different countries. From 2014 he moved to Tokyo where he is now, among other academic and professional affiliations, Project Manager of the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, and he runs the activities of the EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk. Mr. Escoffier authored dozens of articles on IP-related topics, and three books with several colleagues from around the world on nanotechnology, nanomedicine, and open innovation.

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Full interview is available in the first issue of InnoVibe Magazine.