Idan Raichel

I don’t really know how I met the music of Idan Raichel.
It was a chance, casually, looking at the Facebook pages of friends: I immediately fell in love with his music.
Idan Raichel is a global music Icon and, even if he likes to say that his music is a world music, his work is emblematic of Israel. I dare to say that his music is the real heart of Israel.

A journey to Japan

Japan is not only science, development and high technology (as, in fact actually it is). It is a land where tradition meets the future. Japan is an astonishing nation, with outstanding traditions, history, spirituality, rituals and nature. And the People are simply fantastic. Take a journey with us to discover the beauty of such awesome lands and their hidden secrets.

And, remember:

“Japanese society runs like clockwork because everyone (well, almost everyone) follows the rules. That includes you, gaijin aka foreigner”.

Suzanne Bhagan



Laura Frasca photography. The Borneo lands: a journey through a neglected forest.

Laura describes herself and her work with her own words.

“I am a Photographer, even though I like better to define myself a “Storyteller”: my stories are my photography projects, my keyboard is my camera, my pencils are my lenses.

I am a wanderlust-addicted traveller: I take every single opportunity to start a journey in all the corners of the globe, especially the most undiscovered, undeveloped and even forgotten sites.

My stories talk about figures, facts and places in which the key factor that underpins my efforts is represented by a social, cultural and ethical “fil rouge” (alternative: leitmotiv).

Being a woman, the most powerful driving force in my work is a strong empathy with the female word: I feel a commitment to narrate stories in which female gender plays a crucial role. Nevertheless, I always felt myself to be on the side of forgotten and unprotected minorities.

My ambition is to talk about what others do not mention; about people suffering is silence, about countries in which human rights are neglected, while the rest of the planet is keeping on its run to the future.

Moreover, Nature is my panacea: it is able to relieve my troubles and to mitigate my mood. It is a rescue for my body and soul, creating a cathartic effect that brings me back to my roots, my past, my origins. I enjoy the possibility to discover remote places and landscapes, reaching a Zen state of mind that allows me to reconnect with my inner toughs and gain a reconciliation with the rest of the world, with harmony and peace.

Through these pages, I wish to share the emotions I felt when I realized my shots and I hope to deliver this emotion to all the people browsing my work.

I also would like to thank you in advance for your appreciation: if you are reading these words, probably I reached my ultimate objective that is, in few words, to stimulate your curiosity and touch your sensitivity.”

Laura Frasca


Full interview is available in the first issue of InnoVibe Magazine.

Discovering Trieste: a bridge between the present and the past in Europe

Short-list of “to do things” in Trieste

I love Trieste.

I spent in Trieste more than 13 years of my life and I always feel a sense of melancholy, when my mind goes back to the time I lived there.

Trieste is very close to the borders of Slovenia and Austria. This is the reason why the first impression you may have visiting the city and its surroundings, is that you can feel like you are not looking at a typical Italian town. Being part of the Austrian territory from 1382 until 1919, Trieste was the historical Austrian harbor for long time. The influence of Austro-Hungarian cultural heritage is still a strong feature that characterizes the architecture of the city, even in the typical local cuisine and food and, more in general, in the attitude of people: apparently cold and reserved, distant and (at a first sight) almost unfriendly. But, no worries, after a while and a glass of local wine (and in this regard the choice offered by the region is exceptional) everybody will be friendly and glad to introduce you to the beauty of the city and a “spritz”, an aperitif typical of the North East region of Italy. You will also enjoy the possibility to learn some words of the local slang, used in all context of everyday life and absolutely necessary to request a cup of coffee in one of the historical cafeterias of Trieste. There are at least nine ways to taste coffee… and never forget that Trieste is also well known to be the city of coffee (for the presence of one of the most worldwide recognized coffee company, the Illycaffè).

Therefore, let’s start a short journey to see the most attractive places to visit for a quick stop in the city.

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Take a break with a glass of wine, on the hills of Collio Region

Enjoy the passion and enthusiasm of Cristian Specogna, a young Italian winemaker

“Let’s celebrate Cabernet Franc Day!

This variety does very well in the Veneto and also in our neighboring region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
The Vignaioli Specogna Winery in Friuli produces a particularly nice Cabernet Franc and Carmenère blend.
Come explore the stellar wine producing areas of the Collio and the Colli Orientali del Friuli with us – perfect as a day trip from Venice.”

Cristian Specogna, Azienda Agricola Specogna

For more detailed information, visit the website of Azienda Agricola Specogna or their Social Pages.