Emanuela Corazzi

Editor in Chief

Chemist, project manager and programme coordinator for a specialized agency of the United Nations for more than 13 years, I started the challenge to create the Magazine, keeping my finger crossed for its future.

I am a photography  passionate, wanderlust-travel addicted and rugby dependant. Amerigo and Artemio, my two Beagles are my two honey drops and the world is my oyster!

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 Marko Strbac

 Web Design, SEO & Online Marketing

Marko StrbacPerformance-driven, online marketing professional with 10+ years of continues   advancement of expertise in SEO, Online Marketing and Web Design.

Marko is the technical brains behind Innovibe magazine website, implementing   backend source code and tweaking websites. Often times his work isn’t visible to   the untrained eye but is definitely noticeable in terms of traffic increases, improved  site performance and better user experience.

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Mihael Travnikar

Graphic Designer

Mihael TravnikarMihael Travnikar was born and raised in Slovenia. He is a family man first and then he works as Graphic Designer. It is simple how to describe him as a person, he says: Family is something you never lose even when you are gone, you are always left with some memories…

When dealing with design, there situation is quite similar, if you do something amazing with it shall be remebered forever. That is my way of doing not only thinking.
Beside that he loves fast cars and enjoyes cycling, hiking and driving gokarts.

Laura Frasca

Free lance professional photographer

She received her first Polaroid camera as a gift on the day of her birthday at the age of 9 and she  grew up with a passion for art and photography. She moved to Bologna to complete her secondary education, choosing the place for her love for the city. Currently,  she works for the Paoletti School of Photography as responsible for the organizazion of training events and workshop in cooperation with the most outstanding and internationally recognized artists and photographers.

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